"The draft Constituent Assembly Rules, 2070 (2014) to be passed within a couple of days still has some flaws" experts point out (Kathmandu: March 20, 2014)

Bill Review Program

Kathmandu University School of Law in alliance with Nepal Constitution Foundation (NCF) organized a Bill Review Program on the draft "Constituent Assembly Rules, 2070" (hereinafter referred to as "the Rules") in Kathmandu. The experts who participated in the programme pointed out that the Rules, which is supposed to have a crucial role in constitution building, still has some flaws.

Prime stakeholders from socio-legal sector, policy makers and people representing different groups concerned with the Rules were present at the interaction program.

The programme started with the presentation of resource person for the event, Dr. Bipin Adhikari, Dean, Kathmandu University School of Law and Constitutional Expert, which was followed by a session of comments from different participants. Dr Adhikari opined that the present draft provides for a good committee system, but it lacks stepwise constitution building process. The draft does not provide for any expert commission to help the CA members in time of difficulties. The job of sorting out the issues already finalized by the last Constituent Assembly and those that remain contentious even now is very difficult without expert hands attached to the process. Adhikari said there is nothing in the draft Rules which obliges the proposed Political and Constitutional Dialogue Committee to take decisions on many outstanding issues within a given time frame, so that the CA does not linger on due to inability to take decisions as it happened during the first Constituent Assembly process that finally failed to deliver a Constitution. Following Adhikari's presentation, other experts including Dr Surya Dhungel, Raju Chapagain, Ganesh Datta Bhatta and Dr Bhimarjun Acharya also gave their comments.

The programme was participated in by CA members Gagan Thapa, Kumar Khadka, Ramhari Khatiwada, Kamala Bishwokarma and Mamata Giri. They acknowledged the importance of the program which provided a common platform for both Constituent Assembly Members and Constitutional Experts to voice and hear each other's opinion.

Concluding the program, Dr. Adhikari delivered his vote of thanks to all the participants for rendering their invaluable time and suggestions and their contribution in making the event fruitful and successful. A complete report of the programme will be covered by the first KUSL Newsletter coming very soon.