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Kathmandu University Law Journal

The first issue of the Kathmandu University Law Journal will come out in November 2015. It is a general interest legal journal. It publishes scholarly writing on a broad range of legal topics, including constitutional law, criminal procedure, immigration law, contract law, and administrative law. Each edition of the Journal contains Case Notes, Comments, Articles, and Case Summaries covering cutting-edge legal topics written by judges, students, professors, and legal practitioners from across Nepal and around the world.

The Kathmandu University Law Journal is published by faculties of the Kathmandu University School of Law in one issue each year. Views expressed therein are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the policies or opinions of the Kathmandu University Law Journal or the Kathmandu University School of Law.

Monthly Newsletters

The School of Law publishes bi-monthly Newsletters for the purpose of students, teachers and outsiders. It covers programme and activities of the School and student contributions.