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KUSOL Law Library

The School of Law has its own small law library with approximately ten thousand law books and references. It also has a good collection of books on management, economics and other subjects to meet interdisciplinary needs of the School. 

Apart from this, the law library has free online access to important resources necessary for our faculty and students. The library contains print, computer assisted legal research, and collections of laws in force, superseded laws, foreign and international law, and other research resources, e.g. continuing legal education resources and legal encyclopedias, legal treatises, and legal history. 

The law students have access to the Central Library of Kathmandu University at Budol, Dhulikhel, and Libraries of other Schools.

The Office of the Dean requires the library's collection to meet the academic needs of the students and research and teaching needs of the faculty.

Location & Hours

Regular Hours

Sun - Fri: 9:00 am - 3:30 pm

Sat - 11:30 am – 3:30 pm


KUSOL law library is within the KUSOL premises and students are also facilitated to use the KU central library in Dhulikhel.


The Law Library is not for general public except for those individuals who are allowed by KUSOL including the judges and senior officials of Dhulikhel District Court. It serves the School of Law students and teachers only. Furthermore, only students and teachers will have borrowing capacity. All computers and printers in the law library including those in the labs could be used by anybody. Any questions or concerns related to this policy should be directed only to the Librarian.

The law library web site provides links to a variety of web sites of interest to legal researchers. The online public access catalog provides links to documents that are available online. Access to fee-based databases is restricted to law students and faculty.

The law library provides wireless Internet access for law school students and faculty. All others may use the public access computers which provide Internet access but do not provide printing capabilities. Most of our study carrels are wired for Internet access.

Kathmandu University Law Library is going to be a selective legal depository of Nepal government. Our in-house collection includes documents published by the judiciary, the Ministry of Law and Justice, Nepal Law Commission, as well as many others. Our online catalog also lists many government documents available over the Internet. Our web site links suggest the best sites to find government information available online for state, international, and foreign levels of government.

Admission & Circulation

The Law Library is open to Kathmandu University law students, faculty and staff. University students needing access to legal materials may use the collection, but do not have access to group study rooms, hard-wired carrels, or computers and printers. KUSOL ID must be shown upon entry. You must have a valid KUSOL ID card or Membership Card to borrow materials. Most Law Library materials do not circulate. Since law libraries are primarily reference collections, only a small percentage of the collection can be checked out. Circulating materials are generally loaned for two weeks, and may be renewed twice if no other patron has requested the material and they are not overdue. Overdue charges apply; please ask at the Circulation Desk for details.

Library and E-library codes

Students shall follow the library rules as prescribed by Kathmandu University along with the following rules as prescribed by KUSOL law library:

Law Library Rules

  • No entry without identity card.
  • Students may borrow 3 books at a time for duration of 15 days.
  • The borrowed books should be returned on or before the last date, failing which she/he shall be liable to pay fine.
  • The books in demand shall be renewed only twice.
  • Reference Books shall not be issued home.
  • Use of Mobile in the library is prohibited.
  • Students shall keep their belongings in the property counter before entering the library.
  • The students found disturbing the atmosphere of the library shall be disqualified from the membership of the library and any other penal action as decided by the KUSOL authority.

E-Library Code of Conduct

  • No Entry without identity card
  • Download or Access of Obscene or other offensive material is prohibited.
  • Chat, messenger and mobile messaging are prohibited.
  • Don't leave the Computer unattended while you are logged in. You will be responsible for any misuse of the same.
  • Sign the access register and specify the login and logout time.
  • Handle the systems with care.
  • Contact the staff for any problem with the Systems.