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Message from Graduating Batch

School of law suffuses conventional legal education with modern, innovative approach of learning. It is a school for leaders. The university is filled with young enthusiasts up skilled by visionary faculties. It’s safe and grooming environment welcomes all who are interested in pursuing a career in law and being part of our family.

As a recently established school of the University, KUSOL is gradually growing as a sharp and distinct academic institution of Nepal. Apart from its distinguishable course of management and law, the school focuses on training young students with new ideas and innovative ways of dealing with legal and management issues. The university believes that society is the basis upon which the success of the institution can be built. Students at law school are also engaged in community legal education process. Working with the community people has helped us to enhance our theoretical knowledge as well as has enabled us to identify the social issues and their solutions in grass root level.

The school strives to instill academic excellence with practical skills in an alluring physical infrastructure so that the students can utilize their optimum potential. Most of the dimensions like legal-management, fraternity, ethical conduct and resource, management which are essentials for every successful career, are contemplated by KUSL in a way that each students is ready to outstand any kind of challenges or competition once they complete their learning process at KUSL.