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School of Law Faculty Board

The School of Law Planning Advisory Committee (KUSOLPAC) is a consultative body formed by the Vice Chancellor of Kathmandu University on 14 July 2013 to provide advisory support and guidance to School of Law Steering Committee in the law school establishment process. The nine member body is chaired by Founding Vice Chancellor of Kathmandu University, Professor (Dr) Suresh Raj Sharma. All the members of the team except Professor Sharma and Professor (Dr) Mahesh Banskota are legal luminaries of Nepal with remarkable experience in key legal judicial sectors of the country. The Vice Chancellor and the School of Law officials regularly interact with the members of the Planning Advisory Committee on the potential decisions confronting legal education and law school infrastructural issues that need to be addressed in the initial establishment years. Its formal meetings are called on according to the need and priorities. The terms of reference of the KUSOLPAC is as follows:

  • Provide necessary advice and direction to the School of Law Steering Committee (now led by the Dean of the School of Law)
  • Assist the Steering Committee to coordinate with national and international governmental and non-governmental entities in the interest of the School of Law
  • Advise Kathmandu University Academic Council and Executive Council led by Vice Chancellor on academic and policy issues in the preliminary stage of the newly established School of Law, and
  • Give advise on all necessary issues that come up including the Master Plan and development of physical infrastructure of the School of Law.

At the moment, the Planning Advisory Committee also serves as the School of Law Faculty Board.

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