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Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Energy and Infrastructure Law / Master in Energy and Infrastructure Law (MEIL)

These programs aim at producing specialists in energy and infrastructure law with advanced professional knowledge and academic research skills through a flexible yet rigorous full-time study at KUSoL in Dhulikhel and KUSoM in Lalitpur. The courses offered in these programs, the first of their kind in Nepal, are designed for experienced graduates seeking advanced study and research opportunities on legal and regulatory issues related to energy and infrastructure projects, including hydro-power, highways, railways, tunnels, airports, industrial estates, foreign direct investments, infrastructure and construction contracts, and project finance.

The LL.M./MEIL program has two main objectives: to train students with sophisticated legal skills and knowledge that significantly improve the way they serve their clients or organizations, helping them be recognized as experts in their field, and to enable them to conduct high-quality academic legal research projects in the field of energy and infrastructure law and produce original research work in the form of a dissertation that can be published in a peer-reviewed law journal. To achieve these twin objectives, equal emphasis has been placed on coursework and dissertation.