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Scholarships & Financial Aid

Kathmandu University School of Law is committed to providing a range of programmes to help students fund their education. However,  it will take some time to materialise this objective.

Dr Bipin Adhikari Endowment Scholarship Fund

This endowment fund has been established by Professor Bipin Adhikari, the founder dean of School of Law at Kathmandu University, who was appointed to establish and lead the School in December 2013. The fund has been operationalized since September 2021 following the decision of the Executive Council in this regard.

The amount of the fund is Rs 20,00,000 (Twenty Lakh only). The purpose of this endowment is to support students from the dalit and deprived ethnic (non Bahun-Chhetri-Newar) communities or students with disabilities studying in Bachelor's level at School of Law from its annual interest. 50 percent of the annual interest will be used for such support, and 50 percent will go back to the principal amount. The annual proceeds not disbursed for any reason will be added to the principal. At least two students will be supported every year according to the decision of the Dean. The amount of support may vary. No support will be given to students who are not regular in the class or have not performed well in the latest examinations. Women will be given a priority.

The founder of the fund and his spouse or children may continue to contribute additional funds to the principal amount every year. The scholarship endowment will not be used for any other purpose.

Financing your Education

Apart from the merit scholarship that we offer, it is unlikely at this stage to immediately provide for other similar provisions to help finance your education. However, student financial aid may be available from a wide variety of sources including the international donors working in Nepal, Nepal government, local government units, local or international non-governmental organizations, as well as from numerous other public and private agencies and organizations.