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Visiting Faculty: Dr. Surya Raj Acharya

Dr. Surya Raj Acharya is a member of the Management, Economics and Law Subject Committee at the Kathmandu University School of Law, and serves as a visiting resource person for its LL.M and MEIL Programs specializing in Energy and Infrastructure Law.

Dr. Acharya holds a BSc in Engineering (Civil) from the National Institute of Technology in Jamshedpur, India, a Master of Engineering (Resource Management) from the Asian Institute of Technology in Bangkok, Thailand, and a PhD from the University of Tokyo, Japan. He is also a graduate in economics from Tribhuvan University in Nepal.

Dr. Acharya is an expert on infrastructure policy, planning, and management, and has extensive experience in Nepal at the policy level. He has worked for the Government of Nepal, United Nations-ESCAP Bangkok, and Institute for Transport Policy Studies (ITPS), Tokyo. He has also taught graduate-level courses at the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS) Tokyo as an Adjunct Professor and at the University of Tokyo as a Visiting Faculty. He is a visiting faculty member at the Institute of Engineering in Tribhuvan University as well.

Dr. Acharya is one of the leading public intellectuals in Nepal and is recognized for his commitment to infrastructure development in the country.