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Visiting Faculty: Krishna KC

Krishna KCMr. Krishna KC is an accomplished international humanitarian and development aid worker with over 40 years of experience as a former international civil servant. At the Kathmandu University School of Law, he contributes his expertise as a visiting faculty to the field of education by providing lectures and interacting with students of business management and law for six hours every year.

KC has worked with UN Agencies and International organizations (INGOs) in numerous countries, serving as a smart and hardworking change agent, manager, and leader. He has led teams of INGOs and UN Agencies, setting an example for others. He has received numerous awards, including two gold medals, for his outstanding performance, support, work effects, and risk-taking during times of peace and conflict. Krishna has vast experience in the management, development, and humanitarian fields, as well as in education, social services, and capacity strengthening through training, mentoring, and coaching.

KC completed his undergraduate studies in Nepal and pursued a Social Development Diploma from Canada and a Master's in Development Management (MDM) from the Asian Institute of Management (AIM). He is an accomplished author, having written several books, including The Journey of Hope & Global Humanitarianism: Creating Paths and Building Foundations for Literacy and Education Worldwide (Canada: 10-10-10 Publishing, 2022).