Law Career Services provides comprehensive services to support students and graduates in their transitions from law school to professional life.

Programs & Resources for KUSL Law Students & Graduates

Law Career Services (LCS) professional staff offerings include:

One-on-One Counseling: Beginning in their fourth year, in the fi9ve year undergraduate course, students receive individualized guidance and coaching from one of our attorney-career counselors.

Access to Industry Experts: KUSL continually brings attorneys to campus to speak about practice areas and job types. Every year we will host more than 12 such events.

Resources for Graduating Students: KUSL offers a series of workshops specifically targeted to the needs of graduating students. Recent graduates receive weekly e-newsletter with job search advice, job leads, and networking opportunities.

Real-Time Information on Jobs, Networking: KUSL utilizes a blog, e-news, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube channel to inform students about trends in the market, job search advice, job and grant opportunities and networking events, with a specially structured program for public interest opportunities.

Recruitment Programs: KUSL will host occasional semi-annual recruitment programs and promote job fairs to link students with formal internship and job opportunities. KUSL will also maintain a password-protected website featuring job listings and a database of national employers.

Bridge Fellowship Program: To assist in a smooth transition to law practice, KUSL will encourage authorities to provide modest stipends to recent graduates who are volunteering in a legal capacity for courts, government agencies and public interest organizations.