Clinical legal education is fundamental to a lawyer's education. This is a very important subject for senior law students. KU School of Law fosters excellent law teaching and scholarship by clinical educators; integrates clinical teaching and extends its methods into the legal education program; reforms legal education so as to prepare law students for excellent and reflective law practice; advances regulation of legal education that insures the continued vitality of clinical education in law schools; and pursues and promotes justice and diversity as core values of the legal profession.

Our students are encouraged to regularly visit the Kavrepalanchok District Court which is just a twenty-five minute walk from the School of Law

KU School of Law's legal clinics and centers provide substantive legal training and allow students to build strong professional networks while serving the underserved communities of the Kavre-Palanchok District.

On-Site Clinics

Our Clinics provide senior students with rich opportunities to receive practical training and gain valuable experience. Working under attorneys, students provide access to justice through serving clients from underserved populations.

KUSL will develop an extensive clinical legal education program in the country. Students will earn academic credit while working under the supervision of a full-time faculty member and a practicing attorney.