Bishal Khanal

Title:                   Full Time

Department:      Law

Campus:             KUSL

  97716631056 (R) , 9851046268 (M)


Jurisprudence & Legal Theory, Human Rights and Rule of Law, Major Legal Systems of the World and Nepalese Legal System.


Master of Comparative Law- Delhi University, Master's of Public Administration, Master's Degree in Political Science, Tribhuvan University (TU) and Post Graduate Course in American Law, California University.



• Admitted to Bar in 1979;
• Joined Ministry of Law and Justice as a legal officer in 1980;
• Elevated to District Judge in 1985;
• Assistant to the Chief Justice in 1989 with additional assignment of R&D Division;
• Elevated to Joint Registrar (head) of R&D Division of the Supreme Court in 1992;
• Worked with UNDP/UN Country Team in Nigeria and extended support to UNOHCHR for evaluation of field projects as a Human Rights Specialist 2000-04;
• Faculty at the National Judicial Academy, 2005-06 and
• Worked as Secretary of National Human Rights Commission - Nepal 2008-2013.


• Part time teacher of Jurisprudence at LL.M. program of TU and Habi-Chakravarti College of Purbanchal University in different academic years;
• Part time teacher Nepalese Jurisprudence (Nepalese Legal System) at LL.M program of TU 1996-2000;
• Part time teacher of Major Legal Systems of LL.B. program, Nepal Law Campus 1992-2000 and
• Visiting teacher of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law at MA program of Department of Peace, Conflict and Development Studies(CPDS), TU 2012-14;
Rule of Law and Human Rights Educator: Above three hundred presentations made at national and international levels on diverse issues of rule of law, human rights and judicial system such as right to fair hearing, rule of law, human rights and development, access to justice, judicial management, natural justice, judicial education, judicial planning, economic and social rights, right to development, rights of disadvantaged section of people, rights of migrant workers, human rights based approach, transitional justice, national and international human rights mechanisms, contemporary human rights issues, oriental concept of freedom etc for professionals as judges, human rights defenders, civil servants, CSO actors foreign scholars/diplomats, media professionals and lawyers.


• Author of Human Rights and Development (2006);
Regeneration of Nepalese Law (2000);
• Biswaka Pramukh Kanoon Pranali Haru (Major legal systems of the world), 1994;
Nepal ko Nyaya Prashashan ak Aitihasik Sinhabalokan (History of the administration of justice in Nepal), 1987;
• Editor (with Senior Advocate R.P. Bhandari) Sawal, Sanad ra Kehi Rukka Haru (historical statutes and edicts on the legal system of Nepal), 1990;
• Writer, Proxy Dreams (poetry in English), 2009 and
• published about seven dozen articles on rule of law, contemporary legal issues, legal education and human rights in various national and foreign journals/magazines. Developed, edited and published various research reports, periodicals and reporters at official capacity.


• President- Charumati College and Charumati Education Foundation;
• Member-International Law Subject Committee, Faculty of Law TU;
• Member- SAARC-Law;
• Chartered Member-Rotary Club of Bhadgaun;
• Vice Chair-Alliance for Social and Economic Rights;
• Founder Member-Better Nepal and
• Life Member-Abal-Brahamachari Guru Shadanand Adhikari Pratisthan Trust.


Mahendra Ratna Bhushan; Durgam Sewa Padak; Dirghasewa Padak, etc.