Attorney Egbert Lindner

Title:                  Visiting Professor

Department:      Law

Campus:             KUSL


Mr Egbert Lindner is a German lawyer. He has extensive teaching experience in constitutional law. Lindner has many years of vast experience, knowledge and competence in university administration, having worked as senior official at the German Ministry of Sciences and Culture, e.g. in the organisation of study programmes as well as in the areas of organisation, acquisition and research. He is available for the Kathmandu University School of Law for three weeks in August 2014.

Lindner's completed preparatory service and second state examination in 1966-69. Before this, in 1961-66, he completed legal studies (administrative and constitutional law) and passed the first state examination required for legal professionals. Lindner is an expert of

  • Structural and content-related organisation of universities
  • Quality assurance in academic education
  • Organisation of research work (in and outside academia)
  • Education and research issues related to the European Union
  • Well acquainted with the "Bologna process" and latest developments
  • Modernisation and restructuring of university education
  • Specialist knowledge in the fields of administrative law, administrative organisation and constitutional law
  • Bench marking and quality assurance

Egbert Lindner worked as Guest lecturer at Greifswald University and the Advanced Technical College of Nordostniedersachsen. During 1985 – 90, he visited People's Republic of China, Sudan, Egypt, Yugoslavia as guest lecturer. In 1996 and 2003, he taught students in Russia and PR China on German university and administrative law. Lindner also carried out a successful assignment in Ukraine (modernisation and restructuring of education) in 2006. He continues to engage with advanced technical colleges on higher education issues.

1978 – 2005 Ministry of Sciences and Culture of Lower Saxony: Last position: Head of division
1978 – 1985 Head of department (public services law)
1985 – 1990 Head of department (multidisciplinary university issues, general administration of foreign university activities)
1991 – 2003 Head of department (advanced technical colleges)
2003 – 2005 Head of department (research policies)
1976 – 1978 Ministry of the Interior of Lower Saxony: Chief civil servant/director, desk officer for public services law and executive officer of the state committee on human resources
1974 – 1974 Audit office of the state of Lower Saxony: Senior civil servant, in charge of high school/university auditing
1973 – 1974 District President of Lüneburg: Senior civil servant: school inspection and municipal administration
1971 – 1972 Administrative authorities of the state of Lower Saxony: civil servant, school inspectorate
1969 – 1971 Employed lawyer in Hanover and Darmstadt: Legal consulting to business enterprises

KUSL is kindly assisted by SES - Stiftung der deutschen Wirtschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit for the services of visiting legal expert Advocate Egbert Lindner.